Finish the year with something for you – become an Energy Healer!

Have you been interested in starting your journey as an Energy Healer? or are you curious about what is involved?

Does any of these situations sound familiar to you?
• For years people have been telling you that just being around you helps them feel better
• You have a deep sense of “knowing” that you are meant to make a difference in peoples lives
• You have been fascinated with healing modalities, and probably already have a toolbox of modalities you use

Perhaps 2016 is the year where you formalize your training and take that next step in making a difference in lives of people around you.

Hi, I am Kym Lawn, and I have put together 3 levels of training in Energy Healing that will take you from Passionate to Professional.

YOU get to choose the level of development that you want, from self help through to a comprehensive  professional certification in EMO, EFT and Modern Stress Management.

Courses available online or live for most modalities.


First Front Image Second Front Image Third Front Image