Pay What You Can

pay what you can

Always wanted to try Coaching?

I have just returned from an amazing training event in Byron Bay <3 where I have qualified as a Certified NLP Master Coach, and a Certified NLP Master Practitioner.

What does that mean to you?

Perhaps the ambiance of Byron has rubbed off on me, or perhaps I have shifted to truly know what is now important to me, or perhaps…

For the last quarter of the year, October to December, I am offering all of my services on a “pay what you can” system.

Yep seriously pay what YOU can – I am wanting to be able to reach as many people as possible and trust that the universe will support me in this :).

The tools I have in my toolbox are extraordinary, and I wish to make them available to as many as I can.

I am able to work with you in person (I have a room booked for one day a week at The Health Nut in Gladstone) or via skype/phone.

Phone or email me and we can discuss what outcomes you want to make in your life, map out a plan to make them and then you decide on how much that is worth for you to make those changes…

Some interventions may only take a short amount of time and not need a repeat visit. :-)

Oh… I am also offering a money back guarantee as well :).

Some things to explore:
Phobias, Anxiety, Goal Setting, Values Elicitation, Strategy Elicitation, Time Line Therapy, Weight Management, Motivation, Collapsing Anchors, Installing Anchors, Model/Archetype Instillation, Parts Integration, Balancing Masculine/Feminine Energy, Drug Cessation, Dream Analysis…

ph 0406 182 735